How to change the language and background of the Cisco SPA504G

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 | Dennis D. Spreen | Cisco SPA504G, VOIP

This tutorial shows how to change the language of your VOIP phone Cisco SPA 504G / SPA508G / SPA500 series (Firmware 7.5.5)

1. Download and install TFTPD32

2. Download SPA Phone Localization XML dictionaries (download both: english and your language) Update: Use Cisco Download center for more recent versions!

3. Extract the language ZIP or copy the (extracted) XML files to the TFTPD folder

4. Run TFTPD32, press [Show dir] to verify that your XML files are available as a tftp download

5. Log into the web interface of your phone (

6. Switch over to Admin login: advanced (top right)

7. Insert your dictionary script (as one line) into [Voice] Regional -> Dictionary Server Script (at the bottom of the page), e.g.:
Dictionary_Server_Script ua=”na” serv=tftp://;
d1=German;x1=spa50x_30x_de_v755.xml; / Dictionary_Server_Script

Replace with the IP of your PC, d1=German and x1=spa50x_30x_de_v755.xml with your language and your language file.
8. Insert your language as used above (e.g. German) into the Change Language Selection-field below (as well as Locale)

9. [Submit All Changes], your phone should now reboot

10. You should notice the download of the XML files in the tftp Log viewer and your phone should talk in your language then
– if not, try disabling your windows firewall

How to change the background image

1. Place a 128 x 48 pixel bitmap (b/w, 2 bits, .BMP format) in the tftp folder

2. In the web interface set your bitmap URI at Voice -> Phone -> BMP Picture Download URL to your bitmap path, e.g.:

Replace with the IP of your PC and background.bmp with the name of your bitmap.

3. [Submit All Changes], your phone should now change the background image

How to add ringtones

Use the ringtone utility from the Cisco Support Forums.

Need further informations?

For further informations read the Cisco SPA 500 admin guide, visit the Cisco Support Forums or Cisco Community Central.

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Roger Mari
September 11, 2013

We appreciate your help and simple explanation on how to upload the Spanish language on a Cisco SPA, we use:

September 11, 2013

You’re welcome.

October 7, 2015

Hello Dennis. Your article is very clear for understanding. But this tips isn’t useful for all types of IP Phones, I started use such phone, exactly Cisco VoIP Phone 7942G but I dont have instructions for it. I looked here … the same link where I bought it but nothing was found. Maybe you can advice me some limks where to find

Ricardo Saavedra
December 16, 2016

Muchas gracias, Dennis.
Utilizamos sus sencillas y precisas explicaciones para actualizar los teléfonos a Español.

Thank you, Dennis.
We use your simple and clear explications for update our phones to spanish.

December 16, 2016

De nada!

April 27, 2019

Gute Website. Danke.

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