Daily Wage – a Spigot/Bukkit plugin that pays out a daily wage

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020 | Dennis D. Spreen | bukkit, java, minecraft, spigot

A Spigot/Bukkit plugin command that pays out a daily wage (needs the great DKCoins plugin!).

Download source at GitHub


  1. Install and configure DKCoins
  2. Download the current DailyWage version from SpigotMC
  3. Put the plugin DailyWage.jar in your plugin folder (ignore any other files in the .zip file!).
  4. Restart your server.


After running the plugin on your server a config.yml file is created in the plugin folder. Adjust these settings to your needs:

  • CoinsPerDay: the amount of coins payed as the daily wage (default 1)
  • Password: set a password for the command, use digits 0-9 and the letters a/A to z/Z only (default empty)
  • BackPayment Enable: set it to true to back pay the wage since last pay out (default true)
  • BackPayment MaxDays: maximum days for back payment since last pay out (default 100)

Restart your server after changing any of those values!


/wage (or /lohn or /salaire – these are command aliases for german and french).

Run this command (without any parameters) to receive your daily wage. If run more than once a day an error message is issued.

If there is a password set in the config (see Configuration above), you need to attach the password

/wage mysecretpassword

You may pay out the wage to a named person by adding the target player name with

/wage playername

or if a password is set then use

/wage mysecretpassword playername

In order to use it in command block you may state @p as the player name in order to pay out to the nearest player

/wage mysecretpassword @p


After running the plugin on your server a messages.yml file is created in the plugin folder. Feel free to adapt those messages to your needs. The messages.yml file uses short color codes (eg. &c for red), see Color Codes.

There is a german translated message file called messages-german.yml in the zip file. Rename it to messages.yml and replace the above mentioned messages.yml on the server.

Restart your server after changing any of those messages!


This project is licensed under the Apache License – see the LICENSE file for more information.

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