Monitoring with OMD (with Nagios Core) on Debian 7 Wheezy

Monday, August 18th, 2014 | Dennis D. Spreen | Debian, Monitoring, Nagios

As Centreon (my favourite monitoring tool with nagios core) still does not support PHP 5.4+ and my boxes are now on Debian 7 (with PHP 5.4) and I didn’t want to downgrade to PHP 5.3 (for various reasons), I’ve searched for an alternative frontend for nagios. Well, I’ve found a lot but only to mention a few here:┬á Nagios XI (free for small environments => max. 7 hosts, oh come on, with vms on the run, really way too few), Adagios (looks nice and clean) and finally OMD which got me with its easy setup on debian 7.

I. Server setup
Let’s go:
1. Debian 7 minimal installation.

2. First step is to import the gpg key for the OMD repository. This step has to be done only once.

3. Add the repository to your sources list:

Check the OMD package with

You’ll see something like this:

4. Install OMD

5. Choose a MySQL root password

6. Add a site to OMD

7. Start OMD

check the web frontend http://myhost/mysite The default web user is omdadmin with password omd

8. Choose your favourite GUI (CHECK_MK recommended), you may set this one as standard (see welcome page bottom)

II. Agent setup
In order to use the new check_mk agent on your monitored hosts you’ll need to

1. Install agent packages on your monitored host

2. Enable xinetd configuration:

add your monitor server ip address to only_from and enable the check by setting disable = no

3. Restart xinetd

Now you’re able to add the services from your monitored host.

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4 Comments to Monitoring with OMD (with Nagios Core) on Debian 7 Wheezy

October 31, 2014

Hi there!
Great and simple tutorial, thanks!
Does nagios-core need to be installed before?

November 4, 2014

No, this is a tutorial starting with a clean Debian 7 minimal installation ­čśë

January 21, 2015

Thanks Dennis, followed to a T (wiped partions and started over) and it works.

Now just need to know how to use it for a home network data usage monitoring station. ­čÖé

January 21, 2015

Want to find out who’s being a hog.

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